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The Golden Days of the Broadway Musical…..the grand sweeping scores of the most gifted Musical Stage composers…..the highly acclaimed voice leading a stellar cast of Broadway veterans. This brilliant combination can only mean one thing:  Carousel in Concert, an enthralling, exciting experience.

Carousel, dubbed the best musical of the 20th century by Time Magazine, boasts the most beloved and cherished music in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s vast library. The second of their fabulously successful musical productions, Carousel has touched thousands of stage and screen audiences for well over half a century, and its popularity remains constant.

Ciarán Sheehan has portrayed some of the most coveted roles on Broadway, including a highly acclaimed run as Billy Bigelow in Carousel, and over 1,000 enthusiastically praised performances as The Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. He brings to the stage the voice dubbed phenomenal as Billy, polished and crystalline as Phantom, and his soaring stage presence is celebrated on both sides of the Atlantic.

Backed by a superb cast of Broadway veterans, the extraordinarily gifted Sheehan brings the Golden Days of Broadway back to life in this uniquely inspiring production:  Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Carousel in Concert - A Tribute.


Dublin born Ciarán Sheehan is an acclaimed actor, singer, voice healer whose performances have been said to warm the heart and touch the soul. There is an amazing quality to his voice and his ability to capture an audience is nothing short of remarkable. Ciarán has many professional accomplishments to his credit, most notably playing the role of The Phantom in “The Phantom of The Opera” for over 1,000 performances on Broadway and in Toronto. But perhaps of more importance than his accomplishments is his sincere desire to use his incredible talents to inspire others to look within themselves to discover their own inner beauty.


Sheehan is the leading man for whom we desperately long; he is handsome, yes, but he is also endlessly charming, his eyes lock on Ellis’ Julie and we can’t help wishing that someone would look at us with that much fascination, tenderness, and earnest desire.  That desire does not go away for the next two-and-a-half hours. — Arts Impulse

The male lead in Carousel is the multi-talented performer who shines in his number. The very handsome and debonair Ciaran Sheehan who starred as the Phantom on Broadway in “Phantom of the Opera” is phenomenal as Billy. He has a New York accent in his dialogue and with his vocals he sounds like a young Robert Goulet. Ciaran’s baritone voice soars off the charts in “If I Loved You”, my favorite R&H song, “The Highest Judge of All”, and “Soliloquy.” — Tony Annicone, Theatre Mirror Review

Mr. Sheehan comes to Carousel with an impressive Broadway resume, including “Les Miserables” and “The Phantom of the Opera.” As an actor and singer, he makes choices that present rough-hewn carousel barker, Billy Bigelow, as more than just a one dimensional angry wife beater. We see his pugnacious side quite readily, but he also shows us his softer side in the iconic “Soliloquy” in which he imagines what it would be like to be the father of a little Billy - or, just imagine, a “little girl, pink and white.” It is the delivery of this song that separates the men from the boys in terms of actors who portray a convincing Billy Bigelow. Mr. Sheehan shows himself to be a man among men with this number. — White Rhino Report

Ciaran Sheehan has the frame and the charisma of a guy who can attract every mill girl in Maine – but it’s his voice that seals the deal: a gorgeous, silky tenor with mesmerizing low notes. And he acts the heck out of his “Soliloquy.” — Boston Arts Review


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