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A sitzprobe is the first time the cast and orchestra of a Broadway musical rehearse together. In a Shitzprobe show, we skip rehearsal, throw away the script, and make up a brand-new Broadway musical on the spot!

Shitzprobe offers audiences the chance to catch the opening (and closing) night of a new Broadway show outside of Times Square! The cast features some of the world’s best improvisers and musical theatre performers - and you get to watch them create a full musical right before your eyes. Every song, lyric, line of dialogue and dance move is totally improvised, accompanied by a live band who are also making up everything as they go.

Each performance of Shitzprobe is the premiere of a never-before-seen musical, and YOU help create it - each show is based on an audience member’s suggestion of a title of a musical that doesn’t yet exist. Past audiences have helped to create shows like “Can She Even Walk in Heels?”, “Ladies Who Lie”, and “Four Dates, Four Frogs”. If you’ve ever wanted to be in “the room where it happens”, this is the show to see!

Shitzprobe cast members have been seen on Comedy Central, Adult Swim, at the world-renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and on Broadway in shows such as Wicked, Groundhog Day, Freestyle Love Supreme and The Prom. Their passion for musical theatre is at the heart of every show, which they describe as a “love letter to Broadway” - a very, VERY funny love letter.



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