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REVOICED is much more than vocal entertainment. Their signature sound, powerful stage presence, and engaging demeanor leave audiences cheering for more. You’ll find REVOICED at performing arts centers, corporate conventions, luxury events and tours across the globe.


Founded in 2012, REVOICED began with the simple goal of “revoice-ing” hits from yesterday and today. Paired with their incomparable vocal sound and unmatched showmanship, that goal quickly pivoted towards using their musical talents to uplift and inspire listeners to strive for excellence within their own life endeavors.

Motivated by their love for helping and inspiring others, REVOICED’s music and mission has opened countless doors throughout the years. Through their music and ability to bring communities together, REVOICED has been able to raise over $70,000 for students and music education programs across the united states since their inception. Only just scratching the surface, REVOICED also proudly serves as ambassadors for Anthony Kennedy Shriver and Best Buddies International as they promote the expansion of inclusive/job placement programs for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. One of REVOICED’s most prideful accolades has been being twice selected to represent the United States government overseas as part of the U.S. State Department run program called American Music Abroad.

Combining their impressive catalogue of vocal accolades such as being featured on American Idol and NBC’s the Sing-Off, and performing for renowned artists such as Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Andy Williams, Josh Groban, Sara Bareilles, Dion Dimucci (and many more) … Mark Hasman, Nate Tao, Rolin Alexis, Justin Crichfield, and Chris Rossi bring REVOICED to life. Together with their distinct, engaging, and charismatic personalities, these five individuals strive to deliver music that truly makes a difference. REVOICED creates an unforgettable vocal experience for everyone, of all ages, to fall in love with.


“We loved having reVoiced perform at the Macomb Center. They were so easy and accommodating to work with, did a great master class and put on a stellar performance that our audience loved. It was a performing arts equivalent to scoring a hat trick in hockey! All-in-all one of the better days I have ever had in the theatre.” — William R. Wood, Macomb Community College, MI



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