Vinyl Radio
A Tribute to the Music of the '70s
Vinyl Radio proves it: The Boys are Back in Town! Covering the classic hits of the '70s, Vinyl Radio presents these generational favorites like you haven’t heard them in years. With their incredible sound, great memories come flooding in.

Tapping into their versatility and exceptional harmony, Vinyl Radio smoothly moves from acoustic selections like America's Ventura Highway and Sister Golden Hair, to the electric sounds of The Eagles, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, and all the bands you loved listening to ... and still do!

Relive the sparkling moments: just Listen to the Music and let a Peaceful, Easy Feelin' wash over you as Vinyl Radio brings you the best music of your life.

Vinyl Radio comes to you via the incredible musicianship and brilliant vocals of four men of the '70s generation:  Chip Martin – lead acoustic and electric guitar and vocals; Ron Wallace – mandolin, harmonica, acoustic and electric guitar, and vocals; Ronnie Kimball – base and vocals; Tim Buppert – drums and vocals.
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Ron Wallace has one of Music Row’s most recognizable and sought after voices, earning him a spot on the A-List of Nashville session singers. Touring with the newcomer, Tim McGraw, found Ron a spot on McGraw's first video. Ron recorded for Sony/Columbia, and can be heard on recordings by industry heavyweights like Don Williams, Ty Herndon, and Faith Hill, including her #1 single, Take Me As I Am.
Tim Buppert, successful songwriter and session singer for two decades, recording with such artists as Trisha Yearwood and Billy Ray Cyrus. Composing songs for the likes of Trisha Yearwood and Doc Walker, Tim's Another Nine Minutes was a top 10 single for Yankee Gray; his She's Sure Taking it Well was a #1 single for Kevin Sharp, the #5 song of '97, and included on ASCAP's top 50 songs of the '90s. He currently writes for Saddle Blanket Music.
Chip Martin has performed for decades and has over 200 compositions in his catalog. His extensive credits include a gold record recorded by Mark Wills (Forget About Love) and his Love Me or Leave Me Alone is the title track on the latest CD of Randy Meisner (formerly of The Eagles). Chip served on the Board of Governors of The Grammy's, is active in the Nashville Songwriters Ass'n, and is on the Board of Advisors for the GA Music Industry Ass'n.
Ronnie Kimball has performed with such varied people as Johnny Colla (founder of Huey Lewis and the News), actor Bruce Willis, and The Greg Khin Band. Singing and playing bass, he has recorded with major record labels as a solo artist and as a member of the group Workforce. Ronnie’s compositions have been recorded by numerous artists including Lee Greenwood and Sherry Lynn, and his recording, Liberty
is an awe-inspiring tribute to those serving in the United States Armed Forces.
Singing the music of their own generation, these men bring it on and play it out: 
 Vinyl Radio ~ The Best the '70s had to offer!
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