Anthony Kearns

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Kearns created many truly sublime moments 
.... The Boston Herald

Kearns is a superb singer; a confident, compelling performer 
.... The Nashville Scene

Anthony's voice is lovely; he connects thoroughly 
with both the music and the audience 
.... The Palm Beach Post

Kearn's subtle tonal shading and judicious use of well-supported head voice complements an exciting top register 
.... The Irish Times

When Anthony sang Danny Boy there was not 
a dry eye in the house 
..... The Kirkland Performance Center (Washington)

It was truly one of the best concerts we have ever presented 
..... The Nampa Civic Center (Idaho)

Anthony’s vocal technique is incredible; 
his high notes are thrilling and virile. 
Voices like this don't come along very often.  
It is a voice-of-the-century voice.
Steffanie Pearce, Opera Naples [FL] artistc and general director

Anthony Kearns, Ireland's foremost tenor, 
is a great ambassador for Ireland
.... The Honorable Michael Collins,
Ireland's Ambassador to the United States