Bruce in the U.S.A.
His great success with Legends evolved his character into the Bruce In The USA 
show. Matt’s jawdropping resemblance to “The Boss” coupled with his amazing portrayal is as close as one can get to the real thing in concert. Backed by a strong, powerful Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons, and a smokin’ handed “Little Stevie,” Bruce In The USA takes this genre of performance art to a whole new level, making it the World’s #1 Tribute to the E. St. Band’s legacy.

Bruce In The USA assaults the senses in a fun-filled and exciting party
atmosphere! They’ve been met with critical acclaim by even the toughest skeptics, from Asbury Park’s Stone Pony to House Of Blues, and large theatres across the country where sell-out crowds are on their feet from the first song 
to the last. Clarence Clemons himself, joined the band on stage in New York, claiming after the show that it was the greatest Tribute he’s ever seen. You just can’t argue with “The Big Man!”

Absolutely Mind-blowing! 
— Gina Capecci, Legends in Concert

Fantastic! I thought it was Bruce!
— Kevin Gershan, Entertainment Tonight

If Matt Ryan and his band, American Dream took the stage at a
Springsteen concert.. Few people would be able to tell the difference.
— Gregg Maltby, Bruce’s Emmy-Award winning Light Designer
Bruce In The USA is much more than just another tribute. This high-energy musical experience is a note-perfect, visually accurate recreation of a Bruce Springsteen & The E. St. Band concert.

Matt Ryan from the cast of the World Famous Legends In Concert, played the Springsteen character for eight years in the full-scale Las Vegas show. 

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